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Yo, Tom --  I'm sure you're right and I don't know if Borcher -- who was a 
sharp organizer, a great basketball player and coach, a devoted jazz 
enthusiast, apparently an affective businessman, but a lousy cornet 
player -- may have tried a couple of financial end runs.

Things were pretty horrible for BG that summer of 1978, though, and I 
suspect he didn't care much about playing and couldn't have cared less about 
money, no matter what arrangement may have been possible.   He was 69 years 
old and his wife Alice had just died -- February 4, 1978.  They had been 
married 36 years.  Borcher took him fishing on the Sacramento River while he 
was here on that June visit.

That's what he really wanted and needed.

He said so to a legislative assembly group here on June 10, 1978.   I have a 
tape of the proceedings.

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>> After many attempts to contact the lady, the answer was that Benny would
>> perform one concert in a separate concert site for $25,000.
>> Needless to say, it never happened.
>> Bob Newman
> Hi Bob:
> Too Bad,
> Bill Borcher should have sent them an offer for $10,000.00 and agreed to 
> do
> it in a separate venue with an admission charge.  Probably could have 
> gotten a
> date for between $12,000 & $15,000.00 Had a great show and made money too.
> Sacramento being a natural stop between Los Angeles and Portland.
> Cheers,
> Tom Wiggins
> The Notorious Negotiator.
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