[Dixielandjazz] Early Jazz In NYC - Jan 6, 2005

Nancy Giffin nancyink at ulink.net
Sat Dec 11 01:45:48 PST 2004

From: Steve barbone <barbonestreet at earthlink.net>

"... Yes, they do get around. You may have seen them as individuals, or
guest artists, but I think not as a group. Peps, Sandke, Gordon & Smith are
appearing together with a rhythm section as a band at the Tribeca event. And
Wycliff Gordon does not get to go to many OKOM festivals, even as a
guest artist...

Hi, Steve and Rae Ann,

You see these talented guys performing as individuals yet inevitably as a
group in jam sessions at many jazz parties across the U.S (and elsewhere,
like Blackpool, England.). In general, their style is more modern and their
fees more expensive than most OKOM festivals are geared for. (Just my
They deserve the fees they ask for (being full-time musicians), but it's no
wonder we don't see them in groups more often out west here since most
OKOMers don't want to pay $15 or more to see them in concert.
For instance, I'd very much like to see Ed Polcer's All-Stars play in
Sacramento next Feb. when they're passing through town on their annual
nationwide tour, but it's not worth Ed's while to stop here if he can't get
a decent-sized audience to pay the $15 to $20 needed to cover expenses.
Too bad; I think the west coast would love John Cocuzzi on vibes, Joe
Ascione on drums, Dan Block on clarinet, Frank Tate on bass... (Dan Barrett
is not too shabby on trombone, but we see him fairly often in CA.)

A sponsor is needed, but it's not so easy to find one for this kind of music
and audience in Sacramento.

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