[Dixielandjazz] Doods?

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Junkie Doods was one of the original members of the group that Theodore B. Dunn made his debut with, viz. "Bruce Johnson's Washboard Serenaders". He (Junkie)was a close compatriot of the famous clarinettist Jimmie Nonne who is mentioned four or five times at his apex in one of Loenard Faether's fictional novels. Junkie was well-known for his perfect pitch, dramatic vibratos, and soaring glissandoes - no mean feat for a washboard player. Bruce Johnson, of course, was the somewhat obscure composer of various "Serenades to a Washboard" (mostly the same tune in different keys).


Bob Smith
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> Hello all
> Who is this "J Doods" who played with Teddy Bunn?
> Was he a dude?
> Or the second cousin of Miss New Orleans and Johnny Dodds?
> Was he too tight? Or did he wheeze it?
> Perhaps, even, one fifth of a hot five.
> There, I've managed to weave a few threads.
> Anton
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