[Dixielandjazz] Requests not to play and huge tips!

Bob Romans cellblk7 at comcast.net
Thu Dec 9 11:48:29 PST 2004

When this list first started, a musician in the Monterey area sent a post 
that he played a gig at the restaurant right on the river  in Big Sur one 
Saturday night until 2 AM. The next morning they had to play a brunch at 10 
AM. NO ONE was in the place! Then a "real swarmy-looking guy came in dressed 
in black leather pants and shirt, black boots, greasy looking slick-back 
hair, with gold chains hanging around his neck, and sat down right in front 
of us! He listened for about ten minutes then asked if we could play the 
Saints! Our leader, without skipping a beat said yes, but it was a $500 
request tune.. The guy said no problem, laid five $100 bills on the stage, 
and we proceeded to play the s__t out of the Saints".
I love stories like that! It should happen to Cell Block 7. Hell! We'd play 
DYKWIMTMNO for $100!!
A thought! How many of you have gotten huge tips?

Warm regards,
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