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> TCash made a comment not all that flattering about Martha Raye's voice. 
> But in truth, Martha was capable of singing ballads and straight songs 
> with wonderful feeling when not doing her comic bits, funny faces and 
> slapstick schtik. 

No doubt and no question about it Don, she did not get where she got just as 
a pretty face, and now that you mention about her great legs, I know why Bob 
Hope took her on so many USO tours.  Unfortunately when I discovered her as one 
of those young bucks, she looked like a very tired horse faced runner that 
had long ago ran her best race.  And was even beginning to make all those GI's 
around the world hungry to see a cute American honey from home not show up for 
the USO and Hope Christmas shows unless obligated by direct orders to do so.

When younger her voice was quite nice, and she has 
great legs -- even if having a bit of a horse face. Nice lady, though.

Since I never saw or heard that version of Martha I have to take your 
distinguished word for it.  But that is a situation that exists with far more 
potential OKOM music converts who were born later in life and never had exposure to 
many fine acts that were popular far before their time.

Many of us are extremely lucky to have found any OKOM heroes and music at 
all, which accounts for lots of the often seemingly unwarranted sarcasm in our 
opinions and posts regarding artist we discovered long past their prime like 
Martha Raye.

And I love the story about the Bird gag and Red.  Indeed many of us missed a 
great era and lots of Good times, but some of us are trying desperately to 
bring them back so others younger than us can get exposure to this music and a 
chance to have a good time with it.

Thanks for the memories Don.

Tom "Born too Late" Wiggins aka Tcash wigg.

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