[Dixielandjazz] Who is "Miss New Orleans"?

Charles Suhor csuhor at zebra.net
Wed Dec 8 15:38:43 PST 2004

On Dec 8, 2004, at 2:58 PM, Bill Haesler wrote:
> However, no one seems to have discovered who Miss New Orleans actually 
> was.
> Perhaps NOLA resident listmate Charles Suhor can enlighten us.

Yes, it's unoffical but well  known to natives. Her actual name is 
Nat'ly, from the "Vic and Nat'ly" cartoons by Bunny Matthews. To my 
knowledge there is no other candidate, although Terry Flettrich gave it 
a try. I'm no longer a resident, so Sue Fischer might have an update.--

Ersters on Wry,

Charlie Suhor

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