[Dixielandjazz] Songs one hates.

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One of CB7's songs we don't do is "Do You Know What It Means To Miss New 
Orleans?" I like it OK, but our tuba player (Tom Downs), can't stand it, and 
has, on more than one occasion, threatened me with great, possibly fatal, 
bodily harm if I call that tune on a gig! Not wanting to cause a bloody mess 
in front of people, I don't call it!
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>> My pal Tom Wiggins said that one of his top five songs hated is:
>> 5.  My Funny Valentine no matter who the chick singer is.
>> To which I ask:
>> OK, but have you heard Chet Baker Sing it? Or Gerry Mulligan and Chet 
>> Baker
>> play it? Gorgeous song, gorgeous harmonies to explore for those so 
>> inclined.
> Hi Steve and All:
> Yes, as a matter of fact I did hear Chet Baker do the tune, fortunately 
> live
> as well at the El Matador in San Francisco in the early seventies.
> But Last time I saw him Chet was no Chick Singer. :))
> One of my guys Minor Williams actually does a great version of the song as
> well, very strong and soulful, makes the women swoon.  I can play it with 
> him on
> vocals, but few others and like it.  My Dahlin from Nawlins Zorina London
> actually does it very well too.
> I don't do a lot of the gigs anymore that use a repertoire like that so it
> was probably unfair for me to throw that tune in.
> All of you who have had to back a Sit in auditioning chick singer with 
> that
> and her other tune know what I was talking about even though it was
> sarcastically thrown out there.
> Actually The word Hate is a bit harsh, but we all have some tunes that we
> dislike to play but will do so out of professional obligation in the best
> interest of keeping the audience happy.  I do maintain however that even 
> if we hate
> the song we should try to play it with as much feeling and sincerity as we 
> can
> muster to deliver the song successfully, it just might mean something 
> special
> to the person who asked for it.  :))
> Cheers,
> Tom Wiggins
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