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> My pal Tom Wiggins said that one of his top five songs hated is:
> 5.  My Funny Valentine no matter who the chick singer is.
> To which I ask:
> OK, but have you heard Chet Baker Sing it? Or Gerry Mulligan and Chet Baker
> play it? Gorgeous song, gorgeous harmonies to explore for those so inclined.
Hi Steve and All:

Yes, as a matter of fact I did hear Chet Baker do the tune, fortunately live 
as well at the El Matador in San Francisco in the early seventies.

But Last time I saw him Chet was no Chick Singer. :))

One of my guys Minor Williams actually does a great version of the song as 
well, very strong and soulful, makes the women swoon.  I can play it with him on 
vocals, but few others and like it.  My Dahlin from Nawlins Zorina London 
actually does it very well too.

I don't do a lot of the gigs anymore that use a repertoire like that so it 
was probably unfair for me to throw that tune in.   

All of you who have had to back a Sit in auditioning chick singer with that 
and her other tune know what I was talking about even though it was 
sarcastically thrown out there.

Actually The word Hate is a bit harsh, but we all have some tunes that we 
dislike to play but will do so out of professional obligation in the best 
interest of keeping the audience happy.  I do maintain however that even if we hate 
the song we should try to play it with as much feeling and sincerity as we can 
muster to deliver the song successfully, it just might mean something special 
to the person who asked for it.  :))


Tom Wiggins

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