[Dixielandjazz] New venue questions

Mon Dec 6 11:17:38 PST 2004

A TRIBUTE TO CLARK TERRY before it is too late to have him present and 
perform is a no-brainer!  Should be a great PR hook. For certain Events the smaller 
capacity spaces sound good. Jazz Appreciation Month in April  would be an 
excellent time to do A TRIBUTE TO JAZZ AT THE PHILHARMONIC   . For this you could 
invite lower cost St. Louis "ALL-STARS" and emphasiize the Jam Session aspect 
of the event....lots of regular non-jazz fans relate to that,as well as the 
hip crowd! Of course, model the event closely after JATP with several  exciting 
tenor players as in Flip Phillips and Illinois Jacquet and reference these 
well-known alumni (including Oscar,Buddy,Diz and Bird} in your adv. and PR. IT 
WILL BE A SUCCESS!!!!           al singer

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