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You STUD!!!
What's your secret??
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> The pubs won't let you use the facilities unless you are a
> customer so you get to drop $5 on a drink which takes us back to the
> original problem that brought us into the bar anyway. It seems to be a
> never ending circle. There is no free lunch!

Hi Larry I did not find that to be the case at all, and I had five ladies
with me who would simply not use a porta pottie on a bet. They were often
unpaying guests in many establishments that we frequented over a five day 
and were never accosted once or refused the opportunity to recycle that fine 
Orleans Beer.

I recall reading on their website I believe a few months ago that even 
there are signs posted in many places saying the restrooms are for customers
only, they are not to be taken literally during festival times. Not one of
them would deny a lady the right to use their facilities, there are far more
customers than free toilet users and besides some of their customers don't 
to relieve themselves till they get a few blocks down the street, so they 
use the honor system in the name of decency and such. :))

After the first hour nobody cares where you bought the beer or where you
recycle it, because they are all selling their fair share of it, and feel it 
only right to let you come back in and recycle it to the big brewery under 
street. :))

Granted we did spend money like water, because the event was wonderful and
Free and 400,000 + wonderful souls enjoying a great deal of great music and 
should pay something for it since indeed there really is usually "NO Free
Lunch" I would however even disagree with that once in a while, a fine New
Orleans resident bought mine one afternoon. :))


Let the Good times Roll on and on and on.

Tom Wiggins
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