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> I agree with Rebecca -- French Quarter Festival is really the best chance to 
> hear all sorts of local music, and it really is all free.  However, the 
> festival relies heavily on sales of merchandise, so please buy t-shirts!

Yes, indeed, Hi Sue I was there last year and I bought a dozen of them, and I 
took five other people with me to introduce them to New Orleans and Jazz and 
the great food and history of a wonderful place on the planet.  As well as 
books, and CDs.

The only regrets were not meeting you and Charlie Suhor, and a couple of 
other DJML friends and musos that were there.  We just kept missing each other.

In the words of Dr. John:

I must have been in the wrong place at the right time
or in the right place at the wrong time. :))

Next year.  we will just have the party at your house so we can all meet in 
the same place at the same time. :))   Start stocking up on the booze now.  :))

Tom Wiggins

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