[Dixielandjazz] Trends in Music

Steve barbone barbonestreet at earthlink.net
Mon Dec 6 07:34:11 PST 2004

IMO it is fun to watch for trends in the music business. Here is one that
seems to be building up a head of steam on the classical circuit. Much like
the updating of Opera by modern arrangers, though there is no sex and
violence here. :-) VBG

Midori is a wonderful classical violinist. She is reinventing her
presentation, like many others in the classical world to contemporary music.

Perhaps this is a trend that OKOM Bands should follow? There is one
statement below that hits home. "Premieres attract media attention, revivals
don't." Hmmmmmmmm.

Steve Barbone

NOTE: The below article has been excerpted for brevity.

December 6, 2004 - NY Times - By ANNE MIDGETTE

Music Made to Order for Venturesome Virtuosos

Midori is entering the contemporary-music arena with a vengeance. This month
and next she is focusing on the late-20th century in a series of concerts
and a master class in Asia, with pieces by Judith Weir, Witold Lutoslawski
and others. 

Midori's intense focus is unusual, but more and more top-tier classical
soloists who are not new-music specialists seem to be playing the work of
living composers. 
"One of the most challenging things for me with composers," Ms. Upshaw said,
"is understanding their choice of text and what they've written musically to
that text. It's difficult because you can't challenge it. It's a personal
reaction that you have to try to understand. It's not your piece. You're
recreating it. It's a much more gratifying experience if you try to get as
close as possible to what the composer's thinking."

Once the pieces are written and performed, many have short lives. Premieres
attract media attention; revivals don't. If an artist doesn't take the time
to learn a piece well for its premiere, it may not sound good enough to
attract much interest. And because it is often assumed that audiences don't
like modern music, presenters shy away from it.

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