[Dixielandjazz] Fred Astaire - epilogue

Robert Smith robert.smith at mitransport.no
Fri Dec 3 01:10:14 PST 2004

My discography - JAZZ Directory by Dave Carey & Albert J. McCarthy - has the following to say about Fred Astaire:
This famous artist has little place in these pages other than that a number of the accompanying units on his records are of interest and, of course, he has always been closely associated with Bing Crosby. Some of his earlier recordings with George Gershwin at the piano, are also of mild interest to the jazz enthusiast, but insufficiently so to warrant detailed inclusion."

The previously mentioned 1940 recordings with Benny Goodman were as follows:
with Fred Astaire (vocal and tap dancing)
Hollywood, May 9, 1940
wco26807 Who Cares ?
wco26809 Just Like Taking Candy From A Baby
both issued on Columbia 35517

I've not heard these records so can't comment on them.


Bob Smith

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