[Dixielandjazz] Question for blues singers in the group

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Thu Dec 2 21:53:02 PST 2004

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> Although I have spent some time in Mississippi chasing the blues this 
> >trophy
> >was acquired in Wa.I have not opened the bottle, it normally sits in view
> >from my computer along with my collection of books about blues and jazz.
> >
Quick my friend open it and drink it quickly before it goes bad, that would 
indeed be a mortal Sin totally unforgivable, fill the darned thing back up with 
muddy water if you wish but don't waste those wonderful drops of nectar from 
the Gods or any other good beer for that matter, Hic.  If you are afraid to 
drink it, it also is very good for washing a Tuba with inside and out just ask 
Dan Alexander, he has been known to blow a few bottles through his Tubas every 
gig, or so I have heard anyway.  :))

Now where did I put that aerosol can of Bullshit repellent ?

Never touch the stuff myself

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