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> The interesting "by the way" note to this whole "what are you doing to 
> interest the kids?" thing is that the biggest draw for the younger set at 
> our Vintage Jazz Festival was... the Boondockers! They loved the humor and 
> it made them more amenable to the music.
> Beth
> Great Beth;

Given the current generation's exposure to comedy on many channels and live 
in comedy clubs all over the country Beth, this is perfectly understandable, 
and once again shows the value of being entertainers rather than just musicians 
in this business of Communication through entertainment and music the 
International language to deliver it.  :))

These kids grew up on comedy not OKOM,  and OKOM has many opportunities to 
return them to the roots of the music through groups like the Boondockers who 
combine good entertainment with good music.  Oh that many other groups could, 
and would do the same, and maybe those wandering kids would not feel so left out 
and lost.

You have to reach the audience and in many cases convert them to YKOM, if you 
are good and do it correctly you will win everytime, they actually want to 
like you most of the time.

It worked well for Spike Jones and the Ink Spots, so why not the Boondockers 
and others in the OKOM field today.  Even Rodney Dangerfield "Got No Respect" 
but he laughed all the way to the bank and super stardom in the comedy world.


Tom Wiggins

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