[Dixielandjazz] Question for blues singers in the group

glen page gpage at dccnet.com
Wed Dec 1 17:17:14 PST 2004

 I have in front of me a quart of "Mississippi Mud "famous slow brewed Black
& Tan Beer from the Memphis Brewing Co.
The bottle is wrapped in a shrink wrap that gives it the appearance of a
stone container and has a picture of a big alligator.
The label tells me the famous recipe combines a robust English Porter with a
fine Continental Pilsner

Although I have spent some time in Mississippi chasing the blues this trophy
was acquired in Wa.I have not opened the bottle, it normally sits in view
from my computer along with my collection of books about blues and jazz.

Whilst in Mississippi, at least in the Delta region, it is almost impossible
not to drink muddy water unless bottled water is consumed. A sign is
sometimes  found in hotels informing you that it is quite safe to drink.

Cheers, Glen Page.

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