[Dixielandjazz] Re: So bad it must be shared.......

Robert Smith robert.smith at mitransport.no
Wed Dec 1 13:03:09 PST 2004

Ed Danielsen relayed this joke:
>A B-flat, a D-flat, and an F walk into a bar. The
>bartender says to them, "I'm sorry we don't serve minors here"...
>So the D-flat leaves and the B-flat and the F have
>a fifth between them and go home.

There is a minor mistake in the joke that in fact is a major mistake.
D-flat is in fact a major key with five flats. The key of D-flat minor would, in fact have eight flats, which, though not impossible, is cumbersome, and traps the unwary with F-flat and C-flat.
The minor key related to D-flat major is C-sharp minor having five sharps. There is no recognised key of C-sharp major because there would be both F and F-sharp plus C and C-sharp in the same scale.

So the joke ought to be ....


Bob Smith

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