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> The audience, at least in NYC, would seem to be thirsting for GOOD MUSIC, if
> the below is any indicator. And, no doubt these are young people attending
> because as we know, few of us on the DJML go night clubbing any more.
> Not even if Louis Armstrong was raised from the dead and appearing. :-) VBG
> OKOM? Yes, and it draws a YOUNG AUDIENCE. How about your band?

Hi Steve and all:

I would take it even further than that,  

In this fast paced cellphone always in contact world where everyone is in 
instant demand to live life much faster than ever intended, these young folks are 
looking for something that is vastly missing in the present day Society in 
the USA at least.   

ROMANCE and someone to Connect with and Love and share time with.

Hence they are harkening back to yesteryear to try and associate even if only 
for an evening with what they believe their parents and grandparents had that 
they are not getting.

While they are gratified with all the material things money can buy, they 
often have no one special to share them with to create beautiful memories or 

Discovering and Reaching back into musical and movie History is providing 
them with that opportunity even if only for a fleeting few hours at a time.

If all of us made a concentrated effort to go put dining and dancing back on 
the menu in all of those empty lounges and ballrooms in all those Hotels 
around the country we just might see a resurgence of happy dancing people again and 
a rekindling of OKOM interest on a much wider scale.

We do as you say however have to get off our Butts and go out there and 
support what they are doing and show them that we can still do it and probably 
better since many on this list started it all and made it happen the first and 
second time.

Too many of us are now "Retired" and dreaming and longing for the good old 
days, well they are here again "Happy Days."  We have to take off our GRUMPY 
Shirts and put on a Happy Face and go out there and make it happen.

History repeats itself every year, We had the year of the Blues and Blues 
music is thriving all over the USA and Europe and enjoying a great shot in the 
arm and economy for Blues artists.   

The Ken Burns series did the same thing for Jazz, and opportunities abound 
out there for those with a bit of get up and go to go out and make it happen.

We are in the Entertainment business, and if we treat it like a business and 
not a hobby it will treat us like one and the places who can and will use our 
services will once again make their venues available, but the big surprise 
folks is that YOU have to WORK, just being able to play an instrument is not 

Happy Holidays and Let there Be Music In the Air EVERYWHERE,

Now go out there and Love somebody or make somebody fall in love with 
somebody and spread some real Holiday Cheer.  Many of us have been Romancing the 
Stone far too long.
Grab some Viagra if you need it & Protection, and go Romance and Love 

Musical content:   "All the Girls all still look better at closing time"

"If you can't be with the one you Love, Love the one you're With"

 you will both feel better about it and won't be so Grumpy in the morning.  


Tom Wiggins

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