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Wed Dec 1 06:01:23 PST 2004

Bill Haesler wrote:

>Bill...I have found to rid ones mind of the dread "Satin Doll  Syndrome" is
>to try to get down sufficient  single-malt  Scotch  whiskey  to block  out
>the destructive  poison.......
>Thanks Al,
>Unfortunately, it is only 10.15am here in Sydney, Oz.
>And about another 5 hours until 'happy hour'.
>Kind regards,
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Oh, oh...there it is again, the dreaded use of the word whisky spelled 
with an added "E" as Al has done. Perhaps in one's haste to get to the 
wondrous contents of a bottle of single malt Scotch, one should 
sometimes take the trouble to read the label. Scotch whisky, as we of 
Scots heritage know full well, does not contain an "E" -- but then, 
knowing that we are free to get at the contents and no longer pause to 
read the label -- except to determine WHICH single malt it is to be this 
Jazz Content: Ella Logan vocals.
Don *Aingael -- the old way of spelling *Ingle

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