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I licensed all of the tunes on our two CD's through The Harry fox Agency in
New York.  That was as late as 4 years ago.  I’m not sure if there exists
another procedure.  There is a lot of research up front, but they've made it
easier to be "legal", as they explained it, whatever that means.




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(Judging by some of the tunes I know, I don't see how anyone manages to


(Take a tune like "High Society". This has been variously attributed to (and

(probably copyrighted by) King Oliver, Clarence Williams, A.J. Piron, Walter

(Melrose, and Roy Palmer, whereas it was almost certainly written by

(band musician Porter Steele.

(It is even worse when there are two different tunes bearing the same name,
e.g. the

(barn dance "Ballin' The Jack" and the jazz tune of the same name (also

("Ballin' A Jack").

(The barn dance version has been attributed to Chris Smith, or Moore, or


(The jazz version was attributed to Clark.

(I'm glad I won't be paying the legal fees if anyone brought a lawsuit for

(tunes, and certainly many others like them.






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