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Wed Apr 28 22:14:20 PDT 2004

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robert at ringwald.com writes:

> Regarding the musician's perks (drinks) at the upcoming Sacramento Jazz
> Jubilee, 2004:
> To make sure, I checked with the powers that be.
> The musicians will still have drinks (both alcoholic &non-alcoholic)
> available to them at the Hat Racks and at the Musician Hospitality Rooms.
> In addition, they may purchase drinks at the Jubilee operated bars for
> $1.00.

To further fuel the fire I started with my humorous response to this this 
morning, which was unfortunately not considered humorous by some of my friends on 
the DJML, 

I would interpret the above clarification to mean that "Drummers" who are not 
real Musicians, will have to be prepared to use the flasks  for sale along 
with 1/2  pints available at Habib's 7-ll.   Bet they find a lot of flatted 
fifths laying around the festival site too. :)

I am sure that any Real musicians caught getting a free drink for a drummer 
will have his tickets taken away, and if the drummer wants a drink at the 
bar,he or she must pay full price or maybe double full price since we know how 
drinking drummers are. :))

Well that's enough stirring the pot for today, it was a good day on the list 
even if some of my friends are upset with me, I'm headed down to Habib's for a 
bottel of Two Buck Chuck, it is Wine:30 in California and this Drummer is 
thirsty.  :))


Tom Wiggins

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