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> John omitted the excellent Thorens turntable that also plays 78s.
> Norrie
> Norrie 

Yes and a master piece of one at that, I have one circa 1979 that I traded 
some recordings for that costs then about $800.00  that I outfitted with a 
couple of cartridges that cost about $2,000.00 each which I also traded recordings 
for, and I even got three beautiful Thorens music boxes thrown in for a bonus.

Yep guys, I used to make some Great recordings, for a small label in San 
Francisco, (Crystal Clear records) unfortunately, only one of them was really what 
you all would consider OKOM.  They were all part of the Direct to Disc 
Revival, I also produced three of the world's first Digital recordings at the same 
time.   It was really too bad that the sound audiophile folks had no clue about 
real music and were really only interested in the sound and technical 
quality.    we made Charlie Byrd  one of the most famous Drummers in the world in 
only one year by playing the drum solo on his recording over and over at trade 
shows all over the world.   Too bad he was a Guitarist, :))

Charlie Byrd, Virgil Fox, Arthur Fiedler & the Boston Pops, the London 
Philharmonic, Carlos Montoya, Laurindo Almeida, Cal Tjader, Taj Mahjal, Charlie 
Musselwhite, Jon Jarvis, Peter Nero, a couple of Rock albums, a disco, and several 
obscure Classical recordings and a poor mans Ferante & Ticher dual piano 
album.   Spectacular sound but not much to turn me on musically, they were awesome 
but most did not swing at all.  Exception was Charlie Musselwhite, and the 
only OKOM one I was allowed to do and the Charlie Musselwhite  one got me a 
Grammy nomination in 1979 for Producer of the Year as did the solo piano 
recordings of Jon Jarvis.    The rest were pretty much ignored, but all sold very well 
at $16.95 to $30.00 each retail in the day when you could buy albums of the 
biggest stars for $8.99 to $10.00.

Every album in the catalog sold about 150,000 copies in a three year period, 
so it was a very good few years while it lasted.


Tom Wiggins

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