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Craig Johnson civanj at adelphia.net
Fri Apr 23 20:15:17 PDT 2004

I would agree with "Kash" on the technical (hardware)
side of his comment. These might wear out,but they
probably won't degrade on their own.

from a MARKETING point of view, for computer info OR
music info, you have to allow for planned obsolescence,
and/or legitimate technological obsolescence. To wit,
I can't read some of my old floppy disks because microsoft
changed the format sometime in the early DOS days. I lost
a lot of computer stored lead sheets that way.
Secondly, it is a bitch or at least very expensive to get a
turn table for 78 rpm records these days so my 78's got traded
for lps with someone with more patience (and more antique equipment)
than I. CDs are rapidly being replaced by DVDs and sooner
or later you won't be able to buy a cd player for your existing
music or computer disks. If they kept making them they couldn't
force you into their latest "Warp Drive, Black Hole eliminating,
antigravity, holographic-sound  'sound-cube'  player with extra-sensory or
osmotic sound transmission" when it comes out.

Remember the automobile tape players that preceded
the cassette player? (what were those? eight tracks? -
-- makes no difference, the question, however, is:
"can you whip into Circuit City and buy a player
for them?"

Plan for obsolescence!

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| Andy Ling wrote
| So for all you guys entrusting your priceless LPs to CD - hang on to
| the originals..................
| Andy, this has been an argument since the CD appeared.  I wouldn't pay any
| attention to it.  I have always used a private label (U.K. based) of
| writable CD that is optimized for professional music use. They tested
| CD's for use over 100 yrs and found they lasted perfectly well (using
| accelerated tests!).
| I wouldn't trust worthwhile music to data type CD's, but feel perfectly
| comfortable with the music ones (Sony does on, so do other brands).  They
| cost more.
| Jim
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