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You have been given, in another note, a lead to the chords.
However, to my knowledge (memory) it starts with |
"OFF we go, into the wild blue yonder."
and as Don Ingle pointed out it was written when it
was called the Army Air Corps and the final words in the
chorus were, at that time. ---"Nothing can stop the Army Air Corp"

As I remember it (CRS notwithstanding), later,  when I was flying for the
Navy, in the infrequent (somewhat inebriated) occasions in which we would
this, we would start it with a verse or intro.  which started.:..
"Into the air junior birdmen, into the air up side down,
 Into the air junior birdmen, you are in the U.S. Air Corp"
(or something like that, and then)
"Off we go.....etc."

Incidently, Dave Littlfield's Dixieland Fake Book Vol 1.
Includes this and all the other military service tunes and
several other "special occasion" tunes all the way to "Hail to the Chief."
(It figures;  Dave lives and plays gigs in Washington DC.)

Craig  Johnson

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| Greetings. Our trad jazz group has been hired for two gigs so far where we
| will be playing patriot music behind fireworks (go figure). I'm looking
| the chords to "Up We Go...(into the wild blue yonder)", the Air Force
| Can anyone help? Thanks!
| Dave
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