[Dixielandjazz] Chord request (odd)

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I am sure someone will send you the correct chords for the Air Force Song.
For your or others' information, it was written for the (Then) Army Air
Corps by songwriter Frank Loesser, who wrote Guys and Dolls and many other
show scores and popular songs. He was an enlisted man in the Air Corps which
was not a seperate branch yet, but which had no song to call their own, so
he was asked to write one. It was a good choice and with the separation into
a separate branch of the military, it remains their official song today.
Just a little trivia while you wait for the full answer to your request.
Don Ingle
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> Greetings. Our trad jazz group has been hired for two gigs so far where we
> will be playing patriot music behind fireworks (go figure). I'm looking
> the chords to "Up We Go...(into the wild blue yonder)", the Air Force
> Can anyone help? Thanks!
> Dave
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