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> The ninth of 10 children born to a coal miner and a maid in Danville,
> Ill., Mr. Short was a self-taught piano prodigy who began performing
> numbers like "Tiger Rag," in local saloons when he was 10.

 America, What a Country, Land of opportunity, for those who want and go for 
it, Bobby Short a great Entertainer, and one who made it on his own, even the 
Gloria Vanderbilts of our country like and admire such tenacity and 
acheivements of underdogs of our Society.

Bobby has indeed Done Good as they would have called it in his Daddy's world, 
more power to him and those who dare to be so brave and brazen as to follow 
in his footsteps.

He is the essence of what this country is all about.

Happy retirement Bobby.


Tom Wiggins  ( who has booked him for several high paying Society gigs years 

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