[Dixielandjazz] Slumber Harmers' Ragtime Banned

Jazzjerry at aol.com Jazzjerry at aol.com
Tue Apr 20 19:18:37 PDT 2004

In todeys edition of the Guardian newspaper the following story appears under 
the above headline:-

"Faced with an endless string of complaints from neighbours about a noisy 
ragtime band, council officials came up with an effective scheme to restore a 
pianissimo quality to life in a surburban street: they confiscated the band's 
"Acting with the full force of the law, they took an upright piano (white, 
slightly bashed), two electric pianos, a violin, a trombone, an acoustic guitar, 
four CD players, two tape decks and a portable stereo.
"They also loaded a £10,000 viola into the back of the van but allowed its 
owner to rescure it when he produced proof he would need it for an audition in 
Barcelona the next day.
"Three housing officers from Manchester City Council accompanied by four 
police officers and two security staff, went to a mid-terrace house in Chorlton, 
Manchester, and told four players that this was tyhe grand finale to all-night 
music sessions that had cost the neighbours their sleep.
"They had ignored warnings, legal notices and a visit from a copuncil 
mediator telling them the music had to stop.
'The four, Sebastian Stein, Paul Cassidy, Robin Canter and Juston Lingard, 
were told that their instruments and audio equipment were being seized under the 
1990 Environmental Protection Act and the 1996 Noise Act.
"They could apply after 28 days to have their possessions back, but nothing 
would be returned to them until six months later, and the quartet would have to 
pay the council's costs."



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