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Many thanks Bob, of course I shall be happy to reimburse any costs involved.

John Farrell

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> I'll see what I can do about getting you a copy.
> Johnny wrote one arrangement of it for he & Dick Hyman to play.  It was a
> piano arrangement.  When Dick got to the Sacramento Jubilee, we found out
> that he hadn't understood that it was to be an arrangement.  Dick hadn't
> learned it note for note.  Thus, it was not done at that time.
> At a later Jubilee, Andrew Fielding & Jim Turner performed the song as a
> duet.
>  It is a real tour de force.  It was written for Fred Harding who was a
> high-powered attorney in the Los Angeles area & a huge fan of Guarneri's.
> believe that Johnny did record the song.
> Incidentally, Johnny wrote a tune for me called "Raggedy Bob".  It is
> certainly not a tour de force, but is a good rag.  I am very honored to
> been Johnny's friend & to have had him write a song for me.
> Bob
> robert at ringwald.com
> Placerville, CA USA

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