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Elzar, and list

Its is my firm belief from personal experience that it is exposure. I have 
my music friends, and my school friends. The music ones love jazz, and are 
eager to give it a try, while the school ones, if asked, would probably say 
"Isnt it that c**p that my grandfather used to listen to".. Sadly the school 
friends outnumber the music ones by far.

   BUT, I invited some school friends along to a Dixieland Jazz band gig, 
the other night. And they were all absolutly wowed by the improv, the scat 
vocals, and basically the amazing sound that the players could achieve. And 
it was only yesterday when I was over at the house of one of the rock 
guitarists that attended. I picked up something on his desk, and underneath 
it was a brand new "Jazz for Guitar" book. lol.

  From this and other small happenings, I really think they need to see it 
live and in their face. Recordings are great for those who can instantly 
appreciate the sound, but alot of these people had never seen a clarinet. I 
think hearing a talented dixieland band live is a good step towards boosting 


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>Hi Steve,
>Shalom from Israel! I may have been one of the younger members (I'm 52) of 
>list until you came along. I have a band called Doctor Jazz in Jerusalem 
>that is
>trying to attract young players, and of course young audiences, to our 
>music. I have a few guys playing with me so far, 2 of them being my own
>Maybe you can also give us on this old list some help and tell us what it 
>that attracts you and your friends to our music. We would all love to see 
>young players and audiences. Any suggestions we can apply to become more
>Please answer on the list. We all need to hear this.
>Thanks, Mate,
>Elazar Brandt
>Ministry of Jazz
>Doctor Jazz Band
>Jerusalem, Israel
>Tel: +972-2-679-2537
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> >   My name's Steve McCann and I'm new to the list :-). I'm a 17 year old
> > trombonist who is extremely interested in getting into Jazz performance.

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