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> Is she still alive? She'd be 87 if she were. Thanks for reminding me that I
> still have to get one of her recordings.
> Love and hugs,
> Nancy
> P.S. She didn't play in "Casablanca," but she did play in another Bogart
> film, "In A Lonely Place." (She also performed in "The Bad and the
> Beautiful" with Lana Turner, and "The Crossing Guard" with Jack Nicholson.)

Unfortunately she passed away last year, a Class Lady till the end, although 
she did belt a few down and get a bit rowdy with her Fairmont Hotel Audiences 
which got her fired from ther Classiest gig she ever had, but at 83 she had 
JDGS disease pretty Bad,   (  Just Don't Give a Sh-t )

I don't remember who played the Piano or got the credit for it, but she was 
definitely in the movie sitting at the Piano, I have seen the Movie Posters.

PS.  I have a few promo copies left of her last recording at age 80 which was 
fine and as good as she ever sounded according to the critics, and that does 
not mean she was not very good, it means that at the ripe old age of 80 she 
was still as good as she was when she was a youngster.

You did not remind me that I promised you the recording, so that's why you 
ain't got it yet,
I also have a file cabinet with lots of printed material on her as well, like 
bio's and reviews etc.

Love and Hugs right back atcha!

Tom Wiggins

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