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I'll see what I can do about getting you a copy.

Johnny wrote one arrangement of it for he & Dick Hyman to play.  It was a 2
piano arrangement.  When Dick got to the Sacramento Jubilee, we found out
that he hadn't understood that it was to be an arrangement.  Dick hadn't
learned it note for note.  Thus, it was not done at that time.

At a later Jubilee, Andrew Fielding & Jim Turner performed the song as a

 It is a real tour de force.  It was written for Fred Harding who was a
high-powered attorney in the Los Angeles area & a huge fan of Guarneri's.  I
believe that Johnny did record the song.

Incidentally, Johnny wrote a tune for me called "Raggedy Bob".  It is
certainly not a tour de force, but is a good rag.  I am very honored to have
been Johnny's friend & to have had him write a song for me.

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> In reply to my plea for new piano roll material Listmeister Ringwald
> suggested :
> <Johnny Guarneri's "The Great Fred Harding Circus Shout", & Robin
>  Frost's "Space Shuffle.">
> Space Shuffle has already been done by Robbie Rhodes, I have never heard
> Guarnieri's "The Great Fred Harding Circus Shout", how do I get a copy of
> it?
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