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> Welcome to the DJML Steve.  I just got back from my Easter break at the 
> Surf
> Coast to find your e-mail amongst the couple of hundred other ones I have to
> negotiate.  It's thrilling that one so young in my own backyard is
> interested in OKOM.(Our Kind Of Music.)  

Here it is folks,  Proof that there is a new generation of untapped future 
out there for OKOM, and the letter from Scuba Steve proves it, but we need to 
make it much easier for them to find us and the music.

That is the alledged purpose of Jazz Societies all around the world, Go Forth 
and Seek and ye shall find them.

I think it's great that Steve found this list, where he will get some great 
help and encouragement, but who knows how long he was looking for it before he 
stumbled onto it,.

I spoke with him off list and found out he was getting help from the trombone 
player in Ross Anderson's Band in Melbourne, great influence and probably how 
he found out about the list.  Way to go Ross and Guys.!

Recruit Recruit Recruit !


Tom Wiggins
Saint Gabriel's Celestial Brass Band
Always on tour with the Pearly Gate Singers preaching  the message of Jazz.
Now Swing you Sinners Swing!

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