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Now I thought all ya'll bought them new fangdangled DJML Badges from Kurt 
Bowermaster a couple of months ago, I was coming looking for them and if any of 
em were visible on Purrty Wimmin I wuz gonna come over and say howdy and sit 
and sip a spell.

I will be hangin' out around the Satchmo Brass Band Stage a lot all weekend, 
I am auditioning a few horn players I intend to steal for my summer tour, so 
if any of you might give two hoots or a holler look me up, I'll be happy to 
meet and greet ya all.

If we get e real F2F together I'll try to be there of course, "Somebody has 
to Spoil the Party"

Well I'll be easy to spot,  Just look for a guy who looks a lot like Tom 
Seleck's Daddy wearing a Saint Gabriel's Celestial Brass band T-Shirt, hand me a 
Cold Beer and I'll be happy to talk to ANY and EVERY BODY :))  F2F or B2B  
makes me no nevermind, I'm coming to Let the Good Times Roll.   SHAMELESS 
PROMOTION.  Heck I might even give you a CD if the Beer is Really cold and the beer 
tent is too far from the stage, ( Fat Chance of That),  Heck just ask anybody 
you see wearing a Red Saint Gabriel's T Shirt where I am, they will know.   ( 
I'll have five ladies with me wearing them)  ( My Posse)  They Might be Blue 
shirts on some days too, I have them in both colors).

On Second thought, Tom Seleck was looking a lot more like me the last time I 
saw him.
Yeah ladies he is getting Grey and a bit paunchy as well just like all of us 
older Hunks, :)

The Old Grey Mares ain't the Only thing that ain't What they Used to Be.

But were still close enough for Jazz.


Tom Wiggins

> That sounds like a good site to me, though I might not get there till
> around 10:20. Maybe a simple ID would also be good--a sticky-sized note
> clipped to our shirt pockets with DJML in dark print? That's a bit tacky,
> but who are we trying to impress? Besides, as an Orleanian, I claim tacky
> as part of my cultural heritage, Dawlin'.
> Charlie Suhor

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