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About that time, there was a young singer named Joannie Sommers.  She had a
great jazz style, and made a few good recordings.  They were getting air
play, and Steve Allen had her on his TV show.  I thought she was going to be
a success in the jazz idiom, but her managers(?) talked her into branching
into the pop field to garner a larger audience.  The jazz audience promptly
abandoned her; and she really didn't have a feeling for the pop drivel, so
the pop audience didn't really latch on to her either.  I haven't heard
anything about her since.
   Pat Cooke

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> On 9 Apr 2004 at 2:40, Bobolink7736 at aol.com <Bobolink7736 at aol.com> said:
> > In the early fifties, a singer--I believe her name was Joanie
> > Mitchell--had a moment of glory with a number of tunes including some
> > oldies like "You belong to me" but also others like "Let It Happen,
> > Darling, I don't Care or something like that.  Another one was even
> > more popular but I can't remember its name at the moment.  Does anyone
> > know what I'm talking about?  I am trying to locate lyrics for "Let It
> > Happen" and any other of her tunes.  Can any of you help?
> Good old google!
> Spelling her name correctly in google got this as the first of about
> 241,000 hits:
> http://www.jonimitchell.com/
> Larry Swain
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