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Fri Apr 9 11:59:40 PDT 2004

In a message dated 4/9/04 4:23:39 AM, kash at ran.es writes:

<< Besides, having an old quote just thrown out there might give the wrong
impression of my real feelings.  I am sure I would have said first that I
don't pass any judgment on anyone that does play on the street...but, I
wouldn't do it myself. >>

Jim and others,
     I apologize for these posts that went out from my computer rather 
last night.  These were matters I had wanted to address last year and started 
but did
not finish my thoughts and saved the starts of those posts in "mail waiting 
to be sent." When I opened the "mail waiting to be sent" it just went out 
immediately as it
was.  I am sorry for the confusion and the waste of your time.  Sure shows 
how I procrastinate.
     And Jim was right.  When he made that original post that I quoted, he 
said virtually precisely what he said he would have said.
     I like music on the streets.  Always have.  And I seem to get a thrill 
out of most all that I have heard, good and not-so-good.  A couple of guys I 
know make a lot more
money on the street than on a gig.  That is, if the weather is good, and if 
they get their favorite spots before someone else does.
      Here's to the street musicians,
      Best wishes to them and to you,
      Living just outside Chicago in Park Forest, and practicing to become a 
street                      musician or something

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