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Thu Apr 8 00:52:09 PDT 2004

When you're looking for stuff like this on the Web
"Google is your friend"
Mama jazz (first link in Google if you type in "Mama Jazz"
in the search window. is at:
and I'm sure she has her e-mail address within those pages.

Typing  "Night Blooming Jazz Men"
into the search window gives you loads of links. Depending on what
you want, follow these links.
Please note the use of the double quote in the search arguments above
to avoid getting more erroneous links than you can handle.

Craig Johnson

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Can someone on the list help this lady out?

Thanks for supporting jazz,

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Subject: Night bloomin jazzmen

I heard this group on Mama Jazz' program the Tuesday before Christmas.  I'd
love to have some of their recordings, but can't find them on Amazon, Barnes
and Noble, CDNow.  They don't seem to have a web site.  Can you tell me how
to obtain their recordings or how to contact Mama Jazz?

Mona Stevenson
ldstevmo at hotmail.com
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