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Keith M. Elliott keith.elliott at verizon.net
Fri Apr 2 09:32:41 PST 2004

<<Court stops bid to reveal names of music uploaders>>

There are, no doubt, some very heavy violators of copyright laws, who
rip and share thousands of records-no surprise there. The overwhelming
majority tend not to act this way, and the photocopier-in-the-library
analogy is a good one, IMO.

I work with many small "indie" rock bands, and one of the best ways of
pushing legit CD sales is to make available a few tracks on these file
sharing services, even though posting them supposedly violates the
publishing rights agreement printed on the very label of the record in

I will say without shame that I've downloaded a lot of stuff in this
way. Don't forget that MP3 files are noticeably lower in fidelity than a
CD; if I like what I download, I typically buy the commercial product,
because the lower fidelity drives me nuts. The nature of the
artist/label relationship influences people as well-with most small to
medium sized artists, they're better off if you download the stuff
illegally and mail them a dollar than if you buy it in a store anyway.
(Labels paying new artists ANYTHING is about as rare as collecting your
ASCAP fees...)

Interesting to read folks ideas on these subjects lately.

I'm off to Three Rivers in a moment, to sub with Uptown Lowdown on
trombone. What a joy playing with those guys! Hope to see some of you

Keith Elliott
Trombone, Titanic Jazz Band
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search box...

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