[Dixielandjazz] N.O. Jazz Fest sold!?!?

Charles Suhor csuhor at zebra.net
Thu Apr 1 12:25:56 PST 2004

Two notes from today's OFFBEAT magazine message. The first would have
surprised me, but not much. I almost flipped my lid (how long since you've
hear THAT expression?) when I should have flipped my calendar.The second is
an announcement about a modern N.O. group that shows its roots in
tradition.--Charlie Suhor

That's right--you read it here first.

The New Orleans Jazz and Heritage Foundation has sold
the Jazz Festival for an undisclosed sum to media giant
Clear Channel Worldwide, owner of over 1200 radio
stations, 36 television stations and one of the largest
outdoor advertising companies in the world. According
to a Clear Channel spokesperson, "We are tremendously
excited about the future of the New Orleans Jazz
Festival although frankly, we don't get the emphasis
on 'heritage.' We believe that the Jazz Festival needs
more pop stars performing the kind of music you hear on
Clear Channel radio stations-the kind of music the
majority of Americans prefer." According to the
spokesperson, jazz, zydeco, gospel, rhythm and blues,
folk and "weird" music will no longer be featured at Jazz

And in case you haven't checked today's calendar, it's
April Fools' Day!

Astral Project, consisting of Steve Masakowski, Johnny
Vidacovich, James Singleton and Tony Dagradi have just
released their new CD, "The Legend of Cowboy Bill." The
group (named multiple times OffBeat Best of The Beat
Award winners for Best Contemporary Jazz Group)
performs at Snug Harbor this Saturday, April 3.

To reach Astral heights, click here >>

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