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> . Anybody who doubts
> Elvis's powerful talent should view the recently reissued Elvis DVD that
> shows him in rehearsal and in Vegas when he reemerged after making movies
> for 9 years. It becomes quite clear that he knew what he was doing and what
> he wanted.  He clearly acknowledges his influences: Rhythm &blues, Country,
> Gospel and Pop.
> # note that the new drummer in Elvis's band, Ronnie Tutt is fabulous and
> neatly backs up Elvis's every move.  James Burton, the lead guitarist is a
> lesson in superb guitar artistry and also a lesson in unobtrusively backing
> up a dynamo like Elvis. Elvis's band lays down a swinging groove and is
> augmented by a larger band.

Guys: and Gals:

I have said it before and I will say it again:  RE: Elvis  Great Talent

Elvis Presley was without a doubt one of the greatest if not the Greatest 
Entertainer in the World, Handsome and charismatic beyond compare, with a backup 
band to be envied by any singer in the business.  He had the cream of the crop 
of the musicians in his genre to make him sound as good as he wanted to 
sound.  Let us not forget he also had J.D. Sumner and the pick of the Southern 
Gospel Quartets for back up singers, and hand picked his female gospel singers 
like Kathy Westmoreland.

At best Elvis was a mediocre Singer, but an excellent entertainer who could 
convincingly sell a song and if you put his backup band and a larger band of 
hot horn players and all those great singers around any number of real singers 
you just might even get a better show.  However in all fairness to Elvis he was 
a peoples entertainer not a muso, and he always catered to pleasing the 
audience unsophisticated as they might have been.

He and the Col. perfected the art of Entertainment in the USA. and while 
Michael Jackson is the new self proclaimed KING OF POP, and he is certainly a 
better singer when he wants to be than Elvis, he will never be Elvis, nor does he 
need to be, he has found his own nitch in the Entertainment industry just like 
Kenny G. and others who are entertainers rather than musicians.

Personally I would have much rather seen Tom Jones in front of Elvis' band 
and singers, but that is my own personal taste in singers coming through.


Tom Wiggins (wish I could sing as good as any of em) boy would I be rich or 

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