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My God...We have our own Wynton Marsalis on the List.  Did Wynton  send you
a discarded harangue, Tom?

The evil white record producers and musicians are back.  It's funny that I
have made a lot of recordings over the years and a lot of gigs with white,
black and in between, and I have never run into these evil white producers
and musicians.  Oh...a few unpleasant jerks here and there but in general,
just people trying to get on  and do something with music that they loved.

Elvis and Hank Williams never proved anything but that they had enormous and
unique talent.  Yes, Elvis had an evil white manager but he would have been
the sensation he was with or without him.

Sorry Tom but I had to let off a blast.

Jim Beebe

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> > I missed the opening show but  caught the second show last night.  This
> > one was very lame. boring...just meandered around staying  too long on a
> > particular artists.  Interrupted by some white guy shreiking.
> >
> > I started dial twiddling.
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> > Jim Beebe
> I agree with you Jim,  it was quite boring last night, however I did enjoy
> getting a look at JB Lenoir and his music.

> My worst fears were quickly realized however when they kept switching to
> shreiking White guys with absolutely no soul or relatable emotion totally
> bastardizing his songs.
> That is in a nutshell in my opinion is what drove most Black Americans
> from the Blues.  Every white guy with a two dollar guitar started trying
to be
> a Blues singer, and most of the White guys plying the craft today are
> at best.
> They all think they have to play it louder and faster, and get falling
> drunk and scream the lyrics.  They rarely give the music room to breath,
> insist upon playing it as if they were some Heavy Metal Rock band, and at
> volume in small clubs like they are auditioning for the opening spot of a
> Festival ten miles away.
> Watching the White producers in the background in the studios Tells the
whole story

> Unfortunately, and this will get me flak for certain, the same thing
> pretty much with Dixieland music from New Orleans, the Record companies
> started recording more and more White musicians playing it their way and
the sound
> of the original Dixieland changed drastically and became very sterile, as
> of it remains today.
> That is why groups like Preservation Hall Jazz Band are still popular,
> because the world is Starved for that real raw Black emotional sound of
> musicians soul that made the music what it is in the beginning of the era.
It was not
> Broke, so why did White American Players and Record companies think they
> to FIX it?
>   The record companies decided they had to fix it because White Americans
> would not buy Race Records, and they quickly realized even back then that
> Americans were indeed a minority and did not have enough money to make any
> profits from selling their music.  Hence clean it up and don't make it
> so Black and the White folks of America will buy it.  White artists like
> Presley and Hank Williams proved they were correct.
> Cheers,
> Tom  "I ain't Black but I am Blue" Wiggins
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