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> I would like to see the information regarding McTell also being called 
> Barbeque Bob verified.

I can't find anything in my archives or history about McTell being Barbeque 
Bob, only Robert Hicks, Charlie Lincoln's brother seems to be recorded 
officially at least under that name.

That however does not mean that it ain't necessarily so, it was common 
practice for Blues men to go from studio to studio in the 30s & 40's and record 
songs under different names for anybody who would pay them.  John Lee Hooker used 
to laugh and tell me the story about him and guys like Eddie Kirkland and Bo 
Diddley doing it. 

  And we all know the record labels were never shy about issuing recordings 
that they though would sell, with or without the correct names of the artists 
or musicians on the sessions.  There have also been many recordings released of 
singers that were not the actual singers at all, just had their names put on 
the bootleg albums to sell them.  John Lee Hooker gave me a copy of a 
recording of him that some label in France released as Red "somebody" but there was no 
mistaking the sound as that voice and guitar of John Lee Hooker.

Bill Hasler may however find some undiscovered gem of info as he usually 


Tom Wiggins

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