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> You've got that right Jim.  Blues and Jazz musicians live in two different
> worlds here in central Iowa too.  Whenever I mention Louis Armstrong to a
> blues player they say, "there he goes again" preaching the jazz gospel.

Keep Preachin' Rev.  Once again Kurt: we see the MIS-education of many Jazz 
musicians in this country, not too far removed from the disinformation 
campaigns on other issues in the world.

That is also why so many more Blues musicians are employed on a regular basis 
than jazz musicians, Blues clubs are still thriving all over the world, many 
of them seven nights a week.

Also fun to note that the most successful Jazz Festivals in the World Almost 
always have Big Name Blues Stars in the lineup to sell the tickets.

Listen to most of the music sound tracks behind television commercials in the 
USA and you will also hear Blues music.

Jazz cats have been in total denial about Blues for so long that they have 
pretty much taken themselves out of the marketplace.


Tom Wiggins
Saint Gabriel's Celestial Brass Band
We ain't ashamed to play the Blues, especially when it pays better than Jazz.

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