[Dixielandjazz] Action request for Bill Gunter/Bruichladdich

Don Ingle dingle at baldwin-net.com
Sun Sep 28 16:28:32 PDT 2003

Gunter, m'Jo, Fr. Ringwald will be calling asking you to take this
conversation off the list andto a private area -- he already sent the first
Having thus noted his impending ire,I reply to this without the lst inthe
Jazz content: Trouble in Mind
Slainte O'charaid,
Fr. Don of the Mission of the Wee Dram

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> DJMLer Rob Van Der Plas in a commissioned me) wrote:
> >Dear Bill,
> >
> >You are herewith anointed to make it possible for every DJML'er to
> >a
> >bottle of whisky from the Bruichgladdich distillery on Islay island in
> >Scotland. This is the outfit that was under surveillance by the Pentagon
> >because it
> >was a potential source of Weapons of Mass Destruction. Thank G.d that our
> >tax
> >dollars are well-spent.
> I don't know what you meant by " . . . our tax dollars are well-spent"!
> Everyone already knows that an Islay Single Malt is indeed "A Weapon of
> Destruction." One of the best known (and a potent sucker at that) is
> Laphroaig with a strong deep peaty and smoky iodine like flavor. These
> are generally for those who have taken the time to cultivate a taste for
> basically drinking a beverage often referred to as "dirt in a glass."
> Malts are generally more for sippin' than straight guzzlin'.
> Secondly, I don't need to take any action to make Bruichladdich Malt
> available to DJMLers. Such a scheme already exists. All one needs to do is
> click on this: http://www.bruichladdich.com/ and you will be transported
> the "Coast of Heaven" (The Bruichladdich shore) where a brief perusal of
> text will direct you to the purveyor in your general vicinity. This web
> even has the theme song of the Bruichladdich distillery sung with deep
> emotion by a bard of Bruichladdich and which will bring a lump to your eye
> and a tear to your throat. It isn't OKOM but it is lyrical. If you can't
> follow the Scottish lyrics easily with your ears there is even a scrolling
> text underneath to help you along.
> The Bruichladdich "pronounced "BROO-ik-LAD-dick" motto says it all:
>                                                      Clachan a Choin!
> which, as most of you already know, is Gaelic for "The Dogs Bollocks"
> Slainte to you, too, Rob - and to all of you
> Bill "Too much information" Gunter
> ps. To keep Bob Ringwald happy I hasten to point out that listening to
> without a good whisky in hand is like hearing a jazz band without a
> washboard! This is an objective observation and not open to discussion.
>                  -bg
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