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Thanks  again, Steve.  Just  a  couple  of  minor  corrections.  I'll  be  89
on  Nov. 27th, not 90. At  this stage  every  year is  critical.  Johnny
Blowers  is 92.      I can only  claim  to  be  a  co-founder  of the  NJJS.
However,  as  editor of  "Jersey  Jazz"  for  about  15  years,  I  
originated  the  idea  of  the  American  Federation  of Jazz    Societies.
and  with  Hal  Davis.  and  Harold  Gray,  aiding  and  abetting,  it  
became  the organization  that is  still  functioning,   I  also  can  lay  claim  
to  founding the  American  Jazz  Hall  of  Fame,  now  a  joint effort  of  
the  NJJS and the Rutgers  Institute of Jazz   Stdies.  
             So  much for  ancient history,  none  of   which  is  mentioned  
in today's  Star-Ledger  feature on jazzz in  New  Jersey,  which also  
ignores  the  jazz  revival  of the  late  '60s  brought about  through  the
almost  single-handed  efforts  of  drummer-bandleader.  Chuck  Slate , in
the  unlikely  locations of the Hillside Lounge  and  the  Chester Inn,  in  
bucolic Chester, the  subseqent  resurgence  of  jazz  in clubs like  Jack 
O'Ccnnor's  in Watchung, and  the Ed  Polcer-Red  Balaban  cooperation  at  the 
Town  House  in  E.  Rutherford--which eventually resulted  in the  revival  of 
 "Eddie Condon's"  on  W. 54th  Street  in  Manhattan. 
        This is  barely  skimming  the  surface, but  it's  a  pretty  good  
indication  of  the shallow   extent of the  Star-Ledger  piece.
         So  be  it--

Warren Sr.

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