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> My  goodness,  Bill,  between  you  and Steve,  my  ego  will  go  out  of
> sight.  And don't think  I  don't  appreciate  all  them  there nice 
> comments.   I  can  only  hope  they will  stimulate the  sales  of my  
> books.  These  
> days  jazz  is  not  a  subject  conducive  to writing  best-sellers.
> Best regards--
> Warren
> _______________________________________________

Sure it is Warren:

Just change the title to something like:
"Hot Times Every Night"
"The Lurid and Lustful Lives of great Jazz Musicians"
No holds barred, who did what with whom and where.
Threaten to name names and Tell All, 
package it in a plain brown wrapper to be delivered discreetly.

Put a glamorous 20-something honey scantily clad on the front cover looking 
like she is falling in love with a clarinet player, next month same book with 
Trombone player, etc.  I see a whole series here of Musician Groupie Romance 
novels 8).

Then watch em fly off the bookshelves.

As recently discussed on the list, Jazz has always been about sex and 
sexiness, real or imagined.

Musical content:   (I sat under the apple tree with everyone else but you, 
honey )
:) :)


Tom Wiggins

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