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Sat Sep 27 13:35:54 PDT 2003

Thanks  for  the  plugs, Steve.  Much  appreciated.  "Spain'   is  a  typical 
 example  of  the  great songs  written  during  the  period  I  call  the  
"Golden Age  of  Songwriting."  and  to  which I  pay  well-deserved  tribute  
in  my  latest  published  book,  "The  Unsung  Songwriters."
"Spain"  received  outstanding  jazz  treatment   from  the  Crosby "Bobcats" 
 on  a  Decca  78rrm  in 1940,  featuring  a  great  solo by  Irv  Fazola.
             The  Erwin  book was my  first.    "Back Beats and  Rim Shots"
(bio  of  Johnny  Blowers),  and  "Jazz  Gentry"  (a  collection  of my  
magazine  articles on  jazz  and jaz musicians),  along  with the other  two,
were  all  published by  Scarecrow  Press  in  cooperation  with  the  
Rutgers  Institute  of  Jazz  Stdies.  I  believe all  of  my  books  are  available 
 from  Amazon  Books  and  can  be  ordered  online.    My latest  book  is  
"Sittin In  With Chris  Griffin,"  due  out later  this year.


Warrwn  Vache'  Sr.

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