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The Columbia studios on 30th Street in New York City was originally a Greek Orthodox Church located at 205 East 30th Street. Along with the advent of the LP, Columbia decided that they needed a new studio with great sound. They found the church in 1949. It was essentially unused at the time with a radio station WLIB in front. In the words of Howard Scott of Columbia Records who helped to find the church/studio:

It was just one big room with 45 foot ceilings, about 120 feet long and 55 feet wide. I know this is when tape started because in the control room there was a small area in the corner where they kept the microphones and such. Right after we bought the building in 1949 they installed mono tape machines in the corner where the microphones were stored. For a while, we cut double - tape and disc. After six months they said this is very good and we went all tape in the first few months of 1950.

For more information about this and the beginning of the LP:


It was at these studios that the wonderful Eddie Condon Columbias and the Buck Clayton Jam Sessions Columbias were recorded.

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> The late Dick Carey told me about a church where he used to record with
> Eddie Condon in the 40's, or maybe 50s.  He said the acoustics were
> fantastic.  Unfortunately, I can't remember when & what recordings it was.
> Dick had so much knowledge & remembered so much history with so much
> clarity, it is a shame that he never wrote a book.
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