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> Great George Wein story Steve.
> Anyone who has tried to make a living (at least in part) promoting live jazz
> will appreciate what he wrote on page 127 of his book...
> "Despite my status as the foremost jazz promoter in Boston, and the producer
> of the Newport Jazz Festival, there were still members of my extended family
> who routinely asked my parents: "When is Georgie going to get a real job?""
> Kurt
Hi Kurt:

I can certainly relate to that, my family could never understand why I did 
not get a job in a Gas Station and make something out of myself.

Two years before my father passed he related that statement to me again, and 
I had to show him that I had spent more money in the previous year than he had 
made in the past twenty.  I am still not sure he understood it.


Tom Wiggins
Saint Gabriel's Celestial Brass Band and stuff.
Band Leader,
Promoter, Agent, sometimes musician.
Fortunately I run in the same circle as George in some parts of the world.

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