[Dixielandjazz] Milneburg

Texasjazzlover rebecca.e.thompson at verizon.net
Tue Sep 23 14:20:42 PDT 2003

According to Tad Jones, a native New Orleanan (?), the correct pronunciation
#2. Mill-EN-burg.  He is the person who found the baptismal record for Louis
Armstrong indicating his real birthday is Aug 4, 1901.

But you will have to realize that people in New Orleans pronounce many words
and names  different from the "rest of the world"  Burgundy Street is
Bur-GUN-dy not BUR-gun-dy.

Rebecca Thompson
Flower Mound, TX

 What is the correct pronunciation of
"Milneburg"?  Is it:
1.  MILE-EN-burg
2.  MILL-EN-burg
3.  MILL-NE-burg
4.  MILL-'N-burg

Can anyone help?  Thanks.

Ernie Landes
Dukes of Dabob
Port Ludlow, WA

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