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> I wish I were in the market, but my own collection has reached the point 
> where I have to divest of that.  One other possibility for the lady you are 
> helping and for me as well, is to go to a music school and ask them if they 
> would 
> like the collection.  That keeps them together and the name of the collector 
> as 
> a sort of memorial.  They will give you a healthy appraisal for tax purposes 
> and that can offset other tax implications of an inheritance.  And the music 
> has the chances of inspiring some new young musicians to take up jazz and 
> emulate the originals.
Good advice Bud.

To take it further, consider taking the collection to a College with an 
active music department, and bequeath them to the school with the stipulation that 
they use them and keep them in their library for Jazz Studies for at least ten 
years before disposing of them.

Ask that they actively encourage students to listen to them, and not just 
music students but the school population at large, get the teachers to make 
listening sessions part of their homework assignments, etc., and get a lot more 
exposure to untapped ears to educate them about Jazz and the history of the 
music.  Music Teachers, History Teachers, Math Teachers can all make use of the 
library with a few suggestions on how to use it as a study aid for their 

Would also help if you took them a Record Turntable and phonograph cartridge 
to play them on.

Get a decent rough appraisal of the collection, I would say at least 1/2 the 
original costs of the recordings if they are in playable condition and take it 
as a tax write off under charitable contributions.  Check the IRS guidelines 
for such kinds of donations, you will be quite surprised at how much they will 
allow.  For an idea get a guideline directly from the IRS Charitable 
contributions Brochure.


Tom Wiggins

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